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Sponsor a Live Conference  //  Invest in Families!

Sponsor Benefits

Why Sponsor the Marriage Catalyst Conference?

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Thank you for your consideration in serving as a ministry partner, corporate sponsor, and or exhibitor for the Marriage Catalyst Conference. We count it a high honor to serve you and your team. Your investment in helping couples transform their marriage is absolutely priceless! Serving as an event sponsor will give your organization a targeted opportunity to reach married couples, many of which are young professionals between 25-45 years of age.

What is it?

Marriage Catalyst Conference is a concentrated marriage intensive designed to transform marriages. These conferences are delivered in two primary formats—weekend marriage conferences hosted by churches and weekend retreats held at hotels and conference centers. The conferences are designed to encourage those who are planning to get married by providing a practical plan for a growing marriage. It will energize those who need a relational tune up and provide strength for those who are facing significant challenges within their relationship.

This dynamic environment will provide couples with practical tools to realize their dream as a family, connect with one another at a relational and intimate level while making adjustments to build a lasting marriage filled with purpose, laughter and hope.

How will the conference benefit my organization?

1. Connect with Growing Families – Marriage Catalyst Conference will provide your organization with an opportunity to connect with today’s growing families. Many of our participants have small children or will begin having children within the next few years. Others have recently purchased their first home and find themselves with the need to get their growing family in order. Sponsoring a Marriage Catalyst Conference will give your organization a unique opportunity to connect with growing families.

2. Reach Leaders and Business Professionals
– One common denominator in each of our conferences is the large number of leaders and business professionals present. These individuals typically have written goals and high expectations of what is possible professionally and relationally.

They constantly ask, “What’s next? How can the quality of work, life, and family get better?” They want to receive good information in order to take definitive action steps in the right direction. Your organization’s solutions can serve to inform and equip these individuals to take decisive action.

3. Customized Brand Marketing Solutions – Our team will work closely with your organization to develop the right marketing solution to further expand your brand and penetrate your desired market. We can help you deliver your message in very creative ways that are anything but ordinary. Let us help you design a solid plan to get your message out to a many people as possible.

We look forward to working with your organization to better understand how your products, solutions, and services can benefit our conference participants. Please keep in mind that all ministry partners, corporate sponsors and or exhibitors must be approved by the host church and the Marriage Catalyst team prior to final acceptance as an official event sponsor.

What's the Process to Get Started?

What Steps do I Need to Take Right Now?

There are three easy steps for you to take before being considered as an official corporate sponsor:

1. Click Icon to Watch the
Conference Promotional Video

2. Click File to Download, Sign
and Fax the Sponsor Agreement

 3. Contact Us Right Away
If You Have Any Questions


Phone: 786-554-0312